The company

Invesasset is, as indicated, an arm of the Inves Group which is led by our CEO, Antonio Gutiérrez, a businessman, and with a long career in the field of Legal, Tax and Financial Advice for international investors since 1997..

Invesasset is the Invesgroup investment division.

Business lines
of the group are the companies:


This division sales Spanish properties at the influences areas..

Inves Gold


This division sales luxury properties.


This division sales renwal energy projects.

Inves Energy

Spanish Regional Director for Spain

Corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and private equity
As preferred organizers of the capital market, we can act as capital introducers for companies that issue Initial Public Offerings (IPO), Repeated Public Offerings (OPR), Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Placement and Business Expansion and Initial Bond Offering.

We are specialized in raising corporate funds in the fields of finance, securities, structured investment solutions and the real estate sector for private banks, hedge funds, real estate companies, insurance companies, telecommunications and energy companies that need increase your capital.

Restructuring of corporate debt and debt issuance
Our corporate team will advise you on the structuring and restructuring of investments and real estate debt. As organizers and underwriters of debt capital, our objective is to facilitate the promotion and sale of security instruments such as MTNS, structured bonds (senior covered bonds) and corporate bonds (rated and unrated)

Company specialized in the fields of finance, securities, structured solutions, insurance and the real estate sector. in creating books for private banks, hedge funds, real estate, insurance, telecommunications and energy companies that need to increase their capital for initial public offering (IPO), repeat public offering (OPR), mergers and acquisitions , as well as for portfolio managers and private funds.

Our exclusive MTN Pass-Thru debt issuance program allows the assignment of selected hard assets to be assigned and guaranteed and used to accumulate capital to finance projects or investment opportunities through our solid and established relationships with large institutional banks, private banks and investment banks.

Through our Reserve program, we offer the global marketplace for insurance and asset-backed loan notes that offer both fixed income and principal and principal guarantees.