INVESASSET investment area of ​​the INVES real estate group.

INVESASSET is for  you if you are the owner of an asset or are a Direct Investor, also if you are a Broker or  Agent and you have one or both positions, mandatory from the buyer or the seller.
Our business model is based  our SERVICE MANAGEMENT PROCEDURE ( SMP) , which works on the Economic Analysis of Assets and on a protocol, dynamic and vertical system of relationships, avoiding the toxicity in the intermediation, which does not add value to the business, either by not having ownership of said assets, or by not knowing what really matters to the owner of an asset that wants to sell, or an investor who is interested in investing. Welcome to a professional and demanding environment.

Asset portfolio

Why invest your money

In economics, investment means an activity that consists of dedicating resources with the objective of obtaining a profit of any kind.

In economics, resources are usually identified as associated costs. The main resources are land, time, labor, and capital. Therefore, the use of any these four resources with the aim of obtaining a profit is an investment.

When you make an investment, you assume the opportunity cost by giving up those resources in the present to achieve future benefit, which is uncertain. Therefore, when you make an investment you are assuming a certain risk. If you want to have money to invest, it is necessary to have had income and previously saved part of this income.

Investment types

The classification of investments can be done from different points of view. Thus, there is no single classification, nor one that is better. There are several, all valid and useful depending on the context.

According to the time factor:

  • Short term: Less than 1 year
  • Medium term: Between 1 and 3 years.
  • Long term: More than three years.

Where invest the money?

Usually here the problem arises, where to invest it…
The options are multiple, different and linked around 3 parameters: RISK, RATE OF RETURN OR PROFITABILITY AND PERIOD OF MATURATION OF THE INVESTMENT.

At INVESSASET we affirm that the best investment is… . the one that best adapts to the INVESTOR PROFILE.

Therefore, our first value contribution is to define where to invest the money according to your investor profile, understanding dear investor, that there is a direct correlation between the 3 parameters, to decide where to invest your money.

The higher the risk is, the more probability of a higher profitability and faster capital recovery.

How to invest your capital

The lower the risk, the lower the profitability and the greater the probability of obtaining that rate of return. Definetely , we first look for your investor profile, and we determine what we the  economists define as the RISK AVERSION RATE, to decide therefore, where to invest your money. Risk aversion is an investor’s preference to avoid uncertainty in their financial investments.

We establish how to invest your capital once the variables of your investor profile have been defined, defining and reducing the scenario of how and where to invest your capital.

Invesasset advises and consults on how to invest your capital, and for this we establish different investment families that allow from the outset, how to invest your capital by selecting one or another family, to determine in which to invest your money.

What to invest your money in?

  • Developable Land
  • Unfinished developments
  • Residential
  • Commercial premises
  • Sale of Hotels
  • Industrial Land
  • Industrial ships
  • Renewable Energy
  • Business sale
  • Financial Investments

Types of investments

The types of investments that the market offers are conditioned in advance by several important parameters that incorporate multiple entry barriers.

1.- The possibility of access to this investment
2.- The knowledge to carry it out
3.- The minimum investment volume to be able to access.

We found a Pyramid Effect to tackle them. That is, the best investments, and therefore the best opportunities, require a higher level of capital. The low-capitalized investor is typically unable to access them. INVESASSET solves the above problem by introducing its SYNDICATED INVESTMENT SYSTEM ( SYS) ; It is a LEGAL, SAFE, REGULATED, TRANSPARENT AND DYNAMIC system where investors from the base of the pyramid will be able to access the investments from the top.

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